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On the Gold Coast we do not really get too much of a winter, but it is important to bear in mind the difference that driving in summer and winter can make.

Operating in and around Helensvale and the greater Gold Coast area Tow 2 Go are here for you whether its for planned towing services or those towing emergencies.

Winter Weather Driving Tips

Tows 2 Go understand that accidents happen; we want to best prepare you for the winter conditions that could affect your driving, or that of those around you.

  • When driving in wet weather it is important to reduce your speed and keep a distance of 4 seconds behind the car in front, this provides a good stopping distance and ensures you have enough reaction time to deal with any unexpected slips.
  • If you do not know the roads, or you are feeling a little unconfident, slow down. Taking unnecessary risks in the winter weather can increase your chances of a road traffic accident.
  • If visibility is compromised, use your headlights, and in extreme conditions use your fog lights. Always ensure you dip your lights for oncoming traffic if you are using your high beam, road etiquette is not just polite, it can save lives.
  • Always ensure your car is roadworthy. Tyres with tread will have more traction with the road, which in turn gives you more control. Tyres that are well inflated and well maintained will help keep you and your family safe.
  • If driving conditions get too bad, why not pull over? Sometimes it is best to sit out the storm and get back on the road when you feel safe.
  • A clean car will not steam up as much as a dirty car. Why not take some time to clean out the inside of your car, declutter, a quick wipe over, and ensure you have the best visibility possible with a clean windshield?
  • Ensure your wiper blades are in full working order; compromising your line of sight can lead to an accident.

Tows 2 Go – Your Trusted Towing Service

Whilst Helensvale, the Gold Coast and Queensland in general experience mild winters it still pays to be alert, be prepared, and always ensure you have a trusted towing service in your arsenal. Tows 2 Go service Helensvale and the greater Gold Coast area; our trusted and friendly towing service will be there when you need us most.

Whether you need a towing service for you, or your family, call a trusted name in the industry, call Tows 2 Go. We do not chase accidents so you can ensure a swift turnaround time.

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