Prestige car towing on the Gold Coast

At Tows 2 Go we ourselves are passionate about cars so we understand that when it comes to finding a towing company on the Gold Coast you need someone that is as careful, passionate and respectful of cars as you are.

Prestige Car Towing | Gold Coast | Tows 2 Go

Our drivers personally own race cars and show cars, so we know just how to treat them. We know how to move them without damaging them, keeping them in pristine condition, as they should be
Whether you like classic cars or you love the power and control of new technology there’s no denying that car fanatics are passionate about their vehicles.

Prestige cars are more than just something to get you from A to B, it’s a way of life. You will find car fanatics meticulously maintaining their car collection as if it were their baby.

With professional relationships in the racing industry Tows 2 Go are the go-to specialists in prestige car towing. We not only have the know-how but the technology too, with our flatbed tilt trays lowered cars are no problem for us.

More than just towing

When it comes to prestige cars our clients look far and wide for the right investment. If you have your eye on a car from interstate and you’re not sure how you’ll get it back to the Gold Coast, call Tows 2 Go. Our prestige car towing service will pick your car up, taking every care to load, unload and transport your car. We can also assist with local prestige car towing, we are here to assist you with all your needs.

Towing with care

Found your next project car? If you are looking for your next big project, don’t let towing be an issue that stands in the way. Tows 2 Go are on hand to deliver your next car project to you.
We share your passion for cars and it shows

Towing with care

Why leave your prestige car towing in the hands of armatures when Tows 2 Go provide competitively priced towing services of an exceptional standard. Our drivers themselves own race and show cars, so we have a personal interest in prestige vehicles. You can rest-assured we understand the level of care and attention that is required in prestige car towing.

We provide the safest, most proficient and damage free towing solutions on the Gold Coast.

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