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A car crash is traumatic enough without having to sort out the finer details. As an insurance company, you need your clients to be looked after. Whilst the crash experience might be traumatic, your customer will remember how the incident was dealt with and how seamless the rest of the experience is.

Insurance & Accident Towing | Gold Coast | Tows 2 Go

Hanging around at the scene waiting for a towing service can only add to the emotional turmoil. Why make your client’s experience any worse? We work very closely with our insurance companies to attend to minor accident and emergency situations. When it comes to insurance and accident towing it makes such a difference to the customer when the situation is dealt with quickly, swiftly and seamlessly. Our service only enhances your offering with a professional and friendly team at the helm.

A towing service at your service

Tows 2 Go will provide an exceptional towing service. We will tow your vehicle from the scene of the accident to the insurers holding yard or recommended mechanic. Whilst your car might be in a less than desirable state, we ensure that our loading, unloading and transportation will be handled with the highest degree of care.

Tows 2 Go are a 24-hour towing service on the Gold Coast

No one prepares for an accident, but with Tows 2 Go’s 24-hour towing service on the Gold Coast you can rest assured that no matter what happens we will be there to assist you. Our accident and insurance towing service will ensure that a bad day doesn’t get any worse.

Accident and insurance towing when you need it most

At Tows 2 Go we do not chase accidents, our trusted and dependable service is available through one simple call 0416 869 869. Why not give your customers the VIP treatment at a time that they need it most?

Our customers are our priority, so when you organise a tow with us we will ensure we are reliable and on-time. Our commitment is to you and your customers.

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