For a professional towing service on the Gold Coast

Choosing Tows 2 Go for all your trade towing needs means that you have access to a reliable and professional towing company. You can be assured that your clients are in good hands. We are often the first point of contact for your new customers, we view ourselves as an extension of your own business and treat these clients with the standard of care and professionalism that your business commands.

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Our towing service takes exceptional care of all vehicles that we are entrusted with and we bring them right to your door-step. We do not chase accidents and we will never abandon or ‘rush’ your clients to attend an accident tow.

Being able to assist your clients at the stage where they are at a loss is a great way to build trust and a long-term relationship. Trade towing on the Gold Coast is an invaluable service you can give to your clients.

Trade towing for a seamless service

Often vehicles need to go to a few different workshops to be road ready again. Making the process as seamless as possible will go a long way with your customers. With Tows 2 Go trade towing, we can get their car from you to where it needs to go, so they have one less thing to worry about.

In all cases, your customer will remember just how seamless the experience was.

A reliable towing service that you can count on

When you need one reliable point of contact for all your trade towing needs on the Gold Coast, you can call Tows 2 Go. Tows 2 Go set the standard for high quality, damage-free and professional towing.

We are also available for 24/7 towing, so, no matter when you need us we are available for all your towing needs.

We do not chase accidents, but offer our trusted and dependable assistance through a simple phone call 0416 869 869.

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