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Before tow trucks, broken down vehicles, or vehicles stuck in mud or snow, were pulled by large animals. If a vehicle was not able to be recovered it would be left abandoned.

The modern tow truck was invented in 1916 by Ernest Holmes, to pull his own car out of a creek.

Thankfully, we now have professional tow truck operators and tow trucks equipped to deal with any emergency, available on call 24/7/365. Here are some of the types of tow trucks.

Flatbed Tow Truck

Also, sometimes know as a ‘slide’ or ‘rollback truck’ because of how it works. This is the most popular and versatile tow truck. The flatbed part of the tow truck inclines to the ground using hydraulics. Cars can be driven or winched onto the flatbed platform. The flatbed is then lowered back into place keeping the vehicle secure and high off the ground.

Hook and Chain Tow Truck

This is the oldest type of tow truck. As the name suggests, a hook and a chain connects the bumper or axle of vehicle in need of a tow. These type of tow trucks aren’t used much anymore because the chain can scratch the body of the vehicle. Also, this type of tow truck cannot be used to tow 4WDs or AWD vehicles.

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Tow trucks are used to remove cars that have been parked in a restricted area, broken down vehicles, abandoned vehicles, undrivable vehicles, transportation, and heavy machinery vehicles not suited to road driving.

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