Tis the season to be jolly!

Tis the season to be jolly!

Who doesn’t love the festive season? It is a time to spend with your nearest and dearest, and after a crazy year everyone is excited to spend time with family and/or friends.

When you are making your way around multiple family and friends make sure you take a few precautions so Tows 2 Go aren’t on your Christmas call list.

A few simple tips to ensure your Christmas day runs smoothly

In the rush to get around all the family in time to make it to your 3rd Christmas dinner that day don’t forget to fill up the tank. Whilst you might run out of fuel in your tank from all the running around the Gold Coast, don’t let a lack of fuel ruin your Christmas day.

Keeping up with your car services is an important thing to do all year around, but it doesn’t hurt to check when your next service is due before mechanics put down their tools ready for their Christmas holidays.

Christmas on the Gold Coast is HOT! Whilst it is great to hydrate in the heat don’t forget to top up the water and oil in your car. Oil is only a few dollars but forgetting to top up the oil can result in you needing to replace the car’s engine. Paying attention to simple things can prevent costly breakdowns later down the road.

The more a car weighs, the harder the car needs to work. If you are carting around a lot of Christmas gifts, spare a thought for the additional weight you are adding to the car and drive accordingly.

Less haste more speed; give your car a moment to idle when you first start your car. Allow the oil to warm up and your car will run a lot smoother and improve longevity. Taking some time to let your car wake up can save you a lot of time in the long run.

Towing Service

Christmas is a magical time, being prepared by doing your due diligence on your car can make for a much better festive season; however sometimes the unexpected does happen and in the event that your car does breakdown on the Gold Coast, call Tows2Go. We understand that you don’t want to spend your Christmas day on the side of the road, so get to you as soon as possible to ensure you can spend the day with loved ones as planned.

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