What to do if you have locked yourself outside your car

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It is not surprising to find yourself locked outside your car one day. It is likely to happen most probably when you are in a hurry, when you are too tired, or simply by mistake. Before you know about what to do when your keys are locked inside the car, let us talk about what NOT to do in such a situation:

  1. Do not attempt to unlock your car by yourself.
  2. Do not fall for the DIY tutorials that are widely available on the internet that are claimed to be easy and money saving. It may look easy in those videos, but when you attempt to do it for the first time, it will get too late when you realise that they result in expensive damages like scratches and a broken lock.


Here are the things that you must do when you lock yourself outside your car:

  1. First of all be patient and do not panic. If you need to go somewhere urgently then hire a taxi.
  2. If you are living on the Gold Coast, then call Tows 2 Go at 0416 869 869 so that we can get you back in your vehicle with no damage done to it.
  3. You can also call the local locksmith of your area to have your vehicle unlocked in no time.


Call Tows 2 Go roadside assistance anytime when you find yourself stuck on the road due to your car breaking down.

  • We can help you with minor mechanical repairs.
  • In case your battery dies, call us to have your batteries changed.
  • In case your tyres get flat in the middle of the road, call Tows 2 Go so we can fix your problem.
  • One of the most common reasons for being stranded on the road is running out of fuel. Call us when you find yourself in such a situation so that we can come to your rescue.
  • If needed, our tow truck will arrive and transport your vehicle to the nearest repair centre.


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