Floods and Cars Don’t Mix

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As Covid dominated 2020 and 2021, many people were excited for 2022 and celebrated the new year with a sense of fresh hope. 2022 has been eventful to say the least; as we’ve opened our borders, lifted restrictions, and tried to return to normal, Queensland has suffered a series of intense storms that has caused flash flooding across Queensland and New South Wales.

Don’t Risk It – Tow It!

If there is a severe weather warning issued, stay at home. However, if you are out and about and you’ve hit water and need to abandon your vehicle, it might be best to call Tows 2 Go towing service to assist with retrieving your car.

If your car has been flooded do not attempt to drive it, it can be dangerous, so even in the shallowest of flooding caution should be taken.

Even starting your vehicle without inspecting it for damage can mean you cause further damage that your insurance company will refuse to pay for due to it voiding your insurance policy.

Even if your car starts perfectly, it might only be temporary; your car might last the ride home, or it might even be good for a few weeks, but water damage can present itself over time once the damage is done.

Flood water in your petrol or oil tank can impact your vehicle, and cause damage.

As flood waters carry dirt and debris with it, checking the underside of your vehicle for damage is very important.

Flood water is dirty and unsanitary, do not drive a car that has been submerged in flood waters.

Your Local Gold Coast Towing Service

When it comes to flood waters and your car you might need to consider talking to a reliable towing service. Tows 2 Go are your local Gold Coast towing experts.

Don’t risk damaging your car or risking your health when you can call the friendly team at Tows 2 Go. Get your car towed to safety, or to your local mechanic and ensure it is fit for use.

Call 0416 869 869 to discuss your towing needs with our friendly and professional team.

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