How to deal with an unpleasant car situation

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An unpleasant car situation refers to your car breaking down due to a flat tyre, faulty batteries, engine heating up etc. If you are unlucky, then your car may break down at a time least desired, such as when you are on your way to catch a flight, when there is a patient with you in the car, when you are going for a job interview etc. Other unpleasant car situations include having a car breakdown when you are driving in bad weather, when you are driving with children, when your car breaks down in an isolated area or at night, when you are alone, and so much more.

Prevention is better than cure, so firstly, you should know how to prevent a car breakdown and also, how to prepare for it. First of all, have your car serviced and maintained regularly. Secondly, always carry a car emergency kit with you in the car. This car emergency kit must contain the following items:

  • A car based USB charger, so that in case your phone battery runs out, you can still charge it and call the emergency roadside assistance. Call 0416 869 869 for emergency roadside assistance on the Gold Coast.
  • Fire extinguishers: it is very rare to spot a fire extinguisher in a car, but having one can prevent serious injuries and save lives
  • Tyre gauge: pocket sized tyre gauges can check pressure in an instant
  • Basic first aid kit: antiseptic, plaster, bandages, cotton, aspirin etc.
  • Water: always carry spare water for your car radiator.
  • Torch and spare batteries, in case your car breaks down at night.

So what should you do when your car breaks down? First of all, as soon as you realise that something is wrong with your car, drive it to the side of the road slowly, and call for roadside assistance. If you are unable to bring it to the side of the road and are left in your car in the middle of a busy road, do not get out of your car because it can get you into the risk of facing an accident. Call the emergency roadside assistance for quick help.

Call Tows 2 Go at 0416 869 869 for immediate roadside assistance on the Gold Coast to get your car back on the road in no time.

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