5 safety tips for avid motorcyclists

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While riding a motorcycle is lots of fun, it can also be very dangerous. At Tows 2 Go we take road safety very seriously. So, to help you stay safe on the roads, here are five motorcycle safety tips from our towing experts.

Wear your safety gear

When you’re in a rush it can be tempting to throw on some clothes, grab your helmet and go out for a ride. While the helmet will go a long way to protect you in the event of a collision or crash, it’s only going to shield your head. If you really want to be safe, make sure you invest in proper gear, including a good quality motorcycle jacket, boots and gloves.

Ride to your ability

This is especially important if you are new to the world of motorcycles. Remember you have your whole life to improve your riding ability, so start off with easy rides and routes and build your way up to more complicated or long-distance rides.

Avoid bad weather

Even if you are an experienced motorcyclist, wet and icy conditions are extremely dangerous. Look at the weather forecast before you head off on a ride and only drive in light rain and never during thunderstorms.

Watch your speed

Yes, we know. Seeing that big open stretch of road just beckons for a bit of speed, but speed limits are there for a reason. Always assess the conditions of the road and adjust your speed accordingly. Only go for top speed if the road is straight and free of traffic.

Avoid fatigue

Riding a motorbike is far more tiring than driving. Never ride if you had a bad night’s sleep and make sure you break up long journeys with rest points. Make sure you stretch your legs and give your eyes a rest to avoid fatigue.

At Tows 2 Go, we know you don’t wan to trust just anyone with your motorcycle. That’s why our trucks are well equipped for all motorcycle towing. Based on the Gold Coast, our team have specialised bike stands so we can safely transport your bike safely. So, if you need a fast and friendly towing service that can be with you any time of the day or night, call Tows 2 Go today.

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