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There are a number of terms in towing that can be confused, so we’ve compiled a quick reference to what they mean:

  • Towing on the ball.
    This is your conventional towing with the towed vehicle tethered to a tow ball or similar arrangement.
  • Carrying (vs. towing)
    Instead of pulling the weight behind the tow vehicle, the cargo weight is borne on the towing vehicle itself, either on the cargo bed or the cabin.
  • Tare (weight or mass)
    The weight of an empty vehicle with all its fluids (coolant, etc.) but just 10 litres of fuel in the tank.
  • Curb weight
    Similar to tare weight, but with a full tank of fuel, and without any accessories (bull bar, roof rack, etc.).
  • Gross Vehicle Weight (or Mass)
    This is specified by the manufacturer as the maximum weight of the vehicle, with full accessories and payload.
  • Payload

The payload refers to how much the vehicle can carry combing the cab area and the truck bed. So that would be including passengers, cargo, and the “tongue weight” – that is, the weight impinging on the tow vehicle from the towed mass weighing on the trailer hitch.

  • Tow Capacity

Basically, how much the vehicle can tow using a “tow on the ball” arrangement without compromising safety.

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