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Well presented, polite, professional, and great value for money is just some of the things that come to mind when you think of Tows 2 Go. So, whether you need a commercial towing service in and around Molendinar, or your car has just broken down and you need an emergency tow truck promptly, Tows 2 Go has got you covered. 

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Why Choose Tows 2 Go?

You might have seen our large tilt tray trucks cruising around Molendinar and the Gold Coast, after all, we have been providing an impeccable towing service for over 30 years. 

Why choose Tows 2 Go for all your commercial and private towing needs? 

  • With more than 30 years of experience you are assured that your vehicle is in good hands. 
  • In the case of an emergency towing service, we can be at the helm in 30 minutes or less. 
  • Our pricing is competitive and honest, we pride ourselves on our transparency and having no hidden fees or charges. 
  • Tows 2 Go are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
  • We’re polite and professional, and we get the job done. 

Our Services

Tows 2 Go have a wide variety of towing services to assist you with all your towing needs in Molendinar and across the Gold Coast. 

Our range of towing services includes, but is not limited to:

Tows 2 Go is committed to providing you with a towing service that you can rely on.

Your Commercial Towing Service in Molendinar

If your Molendinar business requires a towing service, discuss partnering with Tows 2 Go and enjoy a reliable, affordable, and professional towing company. 

Tows 2 Go have partnered with many businesses across the Gold Coast, for example, many mechanics utilise our towing service for their clients that have broken down, Tows 2 Go respond in a timely manner to ensure their vehicle is towed safely and swiftly to the mechanic’s workshop. 

Building companies across the Gold Coast rely on Tows 2 Go to move machinery to and from site, we ensure we work to our builder’s tight deadlines.

Many businesses that have bulky machinery that requires being taken off site for repairs and maintenance utilise Tows 2 Go. 

Whatever your business, and whatever your towing needs, Tows 2 Go work with you to ensure you get the service you need, at the price you can afford. 

 Emergency Towing Services in Molendinar

If your vehicle has broken down, the only thing better than Tows 2 Go arriving in 30 minutes or less is our roadside assistance being able to get you back on the road. 

Tows 2 Go have trained all our staff to undertake minor mechanical repairs to try and get your vehicle back on the road again, we can assist with, but not limited to: 

  • Jump starting your car
  • Changing flat tyres
  • We can assist if you have run out of fuel
  • We can provide entry to your vehicle if you are locked out
  • Putting the wrong fuel in your vehicle can be rectified
  • We can change your car battery

If our roadside assistance is unsuccessful, we can load your vehicle on our large tilt tray and tow it to your mechanic. 

You can’t always be prepared for a breakdown, but by having Tows 2 Go in your contacts you are in good hands should you need us. 

Contact Us 

Contact Tows 2 Go for all your commercial and private towing needs in Molendinar and across the Gold Coast. 

Call 0416 869 869.for your local friendly and professional towing experts. 

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