When it comes to choosing a towing company for your towing needs think about it like you would a hairdresser; any hair salon might be able to cut your hair, but will they do it the way you want it, and will the service be any good? 

When it comes to a towing company you need someone you can trust not to damage your vehicle, or delay you by being unreliable. Don’t settle for just any towing company, call Tows 2 Go. 

Servicing Carrara, and the wider Gold Coast area, Tows 2 Go are your professional, friendly, and reliable towing experts. 

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Emergency Towing in Carrara

Your car won’t start. 

Ahhh! That feeling when you try to start your car and it simply won’t budge, or you’re driving and your car comes to an abrupt halt; lets be honest, there is no good time to breakdown, but Tows 2 Go operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so no matter what time of the day or night it is, we can be at your Carrara, or Gold Coast wide location quickly to ensure you are safe, and your vehicle is also safely transported to your chosen destination. 

Tows 2 Go emergency towing service is a friendly face when you need it most; don’t spend hours on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck, when Tows 2 Go can be onsite in 30 minutes or less. 

Roadside Assistance in Carrara and Across the Gold Coast

An emergency towing service is a great way to get out of a bind, you’ve broken down and you desperately need to get your vehicle to a mechanic, but what if there was a better and more convenient way?

Tows 2 Go have a roadside assistance service where our team can provide minor mechanical repairs to try and get you back on the road in no time, worst case scenario, we tow your vehicle. 

Tows 2 Go can assist with: 

  • Changing a tyre
  • Filling up your fuel tank
  • Entry into your vehicle if you are locked out
  • If you have put the wrong fuel in your car 
  • Jump starting your car 


Commerical Towing for your Carrara Business

Commercial towing is where the majority of our business lies; we partner with many Carrara-based, and wider Gold Coast companies to provide our towing services. 

Whilst many companies require a towing service to assist their business, or they need towing to provide a full end-to-end service to their clients, they also don’t want to move away from their core offering.

By partnering with Tows 2 Go, you can have an affordable, reliable, and professional towing service in your arsenal. 

Building companies that need machinery moved utilise our service to meet deadlines, as they know we are reliable, and their business can depend on us. 

Mechanics provide our details to their customers to get their vehicles to their workshop, they are confident we can represent their company and enhance their offering. 

If your company could benefit from partnering with a reliable towing service that has well-trained staff that present impeccably, then it is time to talk to Tows 2 Go. 

It’s our business to ensure we make your business look good. 

Your Carrara, and Gold Coast-wide Towing Service 

Tows 2 Go has a range of towing services for our commercial and emergency towing customers, we can assist with:

A premium service that values our customers, Tows 2 Go provides a superior towing service at an affordable price. 

Don’t settle for less, get more for your money, with Tows 2 Go’s professional towing service. 

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