Tows 2 Go, we are what we say on the label, we are your premier towing service in Burleigh and across the Gold Coast at an affordable and fair price.

Towing is not always an emergency, but at Tows 2 Go we understand that on many occasions you are engaging us under stressful circumstances, and at other times you need a reliable, fast, and efficient turnaround.

Many Burleigh residents were struggling to find a reliable towing service that would give a quick turnaround and good value for money, enter Tows 2 Go.

At Tows 2 Go in Burleigh and across the Gold Coast, we pride ourselves on providing you with an excellent towing service where amazing customer service comes as standard.

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Your Local Towing Services

If you are in or around the Burleigh area and need a reliable towing service, call Tows 2 Go on 0416 869 869

Emergency Towing in Burleigh

In the unfortunate event of a breakdown, have a fast and friendly towing service you can count on. Don’t wait for hours to get a tow; our trained and professional towing professionals are at the helm to tow you when you need us most. Why are we able to do this when other companies can’t? We don’t chase accidents; we are there to provide assistance to you when you need us most.

Don’t trust your family with just any towing service, get back to your Burleigh home in no time with Tows 2 Go

Trade Towing

Tows 2 Go can partner with your business to provide a seamless towing service. Whether you are a mechanic that wants to provide a reliable towing service, or you are an auctioneer that wants to provide delivery of vehicles, we can provide your Burleigh business with a trade towing service that can enhance your business offering.

Motorcycle Towing

Your motorcycle breaking down can be more disarming than a car; a motorcycle gives you no refuge from the elements, and can leave you feeling very exposed and vulnerable. Pushing your bike to the side of the road and leaving it there can be risky, but a lot of towing services aren’t equipped or trained to tow motorcycles.

If you are in or around the Burleigh area you are in luck, Tows 2 Go can safely deliver your motorcycle to your home, business, or mechanic in a timely manner. Why risk it?

Caravan Towing

Enjoying the great outdoors has never been easier than with a caravan, however, should things go awry and you need a tow, our caravan towing service is available in Burleigh, across the Gold Coast, and further afield.

Buying a caravan and need it transported to your Burleigh premises? Why not get Tows 2 Go to assist you? We can get your new caravan delivered to your doorstep, safely, quickly, and at a great price.

Insurance and Accident Towing

For all insurance towing, Tows 2 Go can ensure your client is safely towed until an insurance claim can be organised. Our professional team of towing experts are always well-dressed, on-time, and will be a great accompaniment to your service.

Prestige Car Towing

Burleigh residents can purchase and transport prestige cars safely with Tows 2 Go. We love classic and high-performance cars, so why risk transporting your prestige car with anyone else?

Machinery Towing

When your machinery has broken down or needs servicing, don’t risk lengthy downtimes, get your machinery safely towed with Tows 2 Go. We can transport your machinery to and/or from Burleigh quickly, safely, and at a fair price.

Interstate Towing

Interstate towing is made easy with Tows 2 Go. Are you thinking of moving to Burleigh, perhaps you are moving interstate from Burleigh and you need to transport your vehicle, simply call Tows 2 Go.

Buying cars from across the border and need to transport them? Tows 2 Go has the capacity to tow several vehicles at once, saving you time and money.

Roadside Assistance

What if you could a towing service that is there to assist with towing but will try and get you on the road if possible; Tows 2 Go can provide minor mechanical repairs so that you can get back on the road in no time, in the event we can’t get your car started again, we can tow you to your chosen destination.

Car Towing Services in and around Burleigh

At Tows 2 Go we understand that most people use a towing service at a time that is quite stressful; we aim to get your day back on track as soon as possible. Our friendly and professional team of towing experts provide a premium service at a fair price.

Don’t overpay for a lesser service, get the team from Tows 2 Go’s phone number in your phone for commercial towing, or for those towing emergencies.

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